Special Events

At Grace 4 Taste Catering, we believe that every event, big or small, deserves a touch of perfection.

Special Events Catering with Grace 4 Taste

At Grace 4 Taste, we understand that every special event is unique, and that's why our Special Events Catering is designed to tailor to your specific needs. From milestone birthdays to anniversary celebrations, we are committed to making your special occasion truly exceptional.

Menu Customization

Crafting Your Culinary Experience

Our commitment to excellence extends to the heart of your event—the menu. We believe that great food brings people together, and our culinary team is dedicated to creating a dining experience that reflects your taste and style. Here's how we customize our menu for your special event:

Buffet-Style Catering Packages

Options to Suit Every Occasion
Budget Bliss Buffet

$20.50 per person

Essential Eats Experience

$25.50 per person

Premium Palate Pleaser

$30.50 per person

Deluxe Dining Dazzler

$36.50 per person

Note: Seafood enthusiasts, rejoice! For those looking to add a touch of the ocean to their event, the up charge for seafood items starts at $3.00 per person

Additional Charges

Entree Additions: $10.00 per person for each additional entree beyond the package selection.

Extra Sides: $5.00 per person for each additional side dish beyond the package selection.

Professional and Friendly Service

At Grace 4 Taste, we believe that exceptional service is just as important as delectable food. Our professional and friendly staff will ensure that your special event runs seamlessly, allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment.

Contact us today to start planning your special event catering with Grace 4 Taste. Let us bring our culinary expertise and passion for hospitality to your milestone celebration. We look forward to making your special day extraordinary!

You Bring The Guests. Let Us Do The Rest.